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DIY Tyre Lettering Kits

Welcome to Custom tyre stickers Australia!! we specialise in manufacturing & distributing unique customisable tyre stickers that can permanently adhere to tyre sidewalls and various other rubber components. Easy to install, no prohibited glue required & will last a lifetime.


After many years of being in the car scene, it made sense for our next venture to be something about cars! After watching countless YouTube videos of car shows in USA, it became apparent that "Tyre Decals" were very popular. After doing some research it became clear that the only way to get these tyre stickers is from abroad, which is costly and takes a long time with shipping. That's why we started CTS Australia with the goal to become the biggest supplier of high quality car decals/stickers in Australia all at an affordable price.


How long do the decals last?

When properly installed they will definitely last the lifetime of the tyre. They’ve been tested to 200 miles per hour

Will they fit my tyre?
Yes – each set of stickers are custom made to ensure they fit properly every time.

How do I know which size I need before I order?
YOU DONT!! WE DO THAT FOR YOU. Simply enter your tyre size and the when you place order and we work it all out for you.

Are they easy to install?
We’ve put a lot of work into making installation as simple as possible. As with so many things, the preparation is key. Cleaning the tyre is important as the adhesive needs to stick to the rubber, not a layer of dirt.

Do the stickers stay white?
Our decals will neither stain, fade nor crack. The material is high performance and highly adhesive. The lettering is impact, UV, weather, chemical, and ozone resistant.

What’s included in each kit?
Every  kit includes a full set of decals for all four tyres plus adhesive gel, tyre cleaning solution and a comprehensive instruction manual.

What colours are Tyre stickers available in?
There’s a range of colours – we’ll try and match any colour request as closely as possible and you can mix and match multiple shades if you like.


How do I keep them clean?
Cleaning is really easy as they are resistant to pretty much everything. Clean them as part of your regular carwash. No special treatment required. We have a product which makes cleaning even easier

What exactly does Custom Tyre Stickers offer?

We specialise in the design and manufacture of unique, customisable tyre stickers (or decals) that permanently adhere to tyre sidewalls and various other rubber components. They’re suitable for anything with a tyre – cars, trucks, vans, lorries, quad bikes, motor bikes – you name it.

Who uses them and why?


All kinds of car enthusiasts or people who are really wanting to stand out from the crowd. At any show or car meet, you’ll see almost every modification possible on show – often with the exception of the tyres. It’s the final piece in the puzzle and always finishes the look.

What is the price of a set?


There’s no one size fits all product as each set is bespoke. We charge roughly $179 for a full set of custom tyre sticker kits or a licensed kit from $140-$175 depending if you choose X 4 or a X 8 kit. We offer add on flares and stripes too. Whatever the client can imagine we can produce. We can’t think of any other way to customise a vehicle for this amount of money to get such a powerful visual impact. They’re great value for money.

Who are the customers you’re not reaching?


We’d love to reach more modified car owners. Obviously when events and festivals start to get back to normal we’re planning to attend as many as we can so look out for us.

How did the products develop?

We began researching materials and after collecting and collating a huge amount of technical data, we eventually tested combinations until we successfully developed our own unique compound. The result was a multi-layered material; the layers are crucial as they prevent the anti-oxidants leaking from the tyre and causing staining from the inside out – ruining the sticker. We worked hard to identify all the potential problems or areas of concern, such as staining and cracking, and we found solutions to make sure our product would be perfect.

Although our company is called Custom "tyre stickers" – the product is not strictly a sticker. It’s a permanent, raised, 1mm rubber decal that adheres to the tyre wall… but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue so Custom Tyre Stickers was born.


Who have we worked with?

In the past we have worked with many companies all over Australia ! some of the major ones have been "EYE CANDY MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA" , ALLOY DOCTOR QLD, PEAK PERFORMANCE, KS RACING. We can go on & on.. Own a business or just getting started? We offer flexible partnership models for wholesale distribution of our products. We are seeking partners with presence and experience all over Australia.

Where are the tyre stickers manufactured in ?


All of our branded kits such as Bridgestone, Michelin are officially licensed & are manufactured in the US. Even our adhesive gel is made specifically for there. We feel it’s important that we retain absolute control over quality, service and response. We also recommend buyers to stay away from buying fake kits from cheap knockoff websites that are made to rip people off, Just to save a few bucks you don't want to end up ruining your tyres and hard work installing them so again please go with the real deal !!

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