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Custom Tyre stickers have been providing Australian car lovers the best tyre lettering kits since 2017. We are upcoming and are sitting at  number 1 after taking a scope of our competitors. Pricing and Fast Production is what keeps us ahead of anyone else. Tyre lettering on cars is becoming a growing trend and sweeping the car scene in car meets/shows and streets across the world.  In the past, car enthusiasts have used products such as tyre pens to colour their tyre brands but they eventually fade over a period of only 1 week. Other inferior products on the market which are not as durable such as tyre stickers would peel off or crack over time. Our ones are made from double sided stretchy rubber that is guaranteed to last a lifetime of your tyres & our tyre lettering come in various colours and sizes.  We provide you guys with a complete DIY tyre lettering kit that anyone can apply with no issue " No guys you don't need to be a professional" we make it easy at CTS with complete install instructions and special Adhesive. Don't settle for inferior and cheap quality products. 


  • AUSTRALIAS No.1 Supplier of permanent performance tyre lettering.

  • Weather Resistant

  • Stain Resistant

  • Abrasion Resistant 

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Our product is used on F1 & Red bull race cars

  • Tested to 250kph

  • Proven At The Nurburgring

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