Create your own with sawblades Tyre Graphics - Now Available! 

Add a custom look to your ride with these Sawblades Edition inspired tire graphics. The length of the lines will be adjusted based on the length of the custom text you enter.  Each Sawblades kit will include 4 decals for the top, 4 decals for the bottom and 8 directional stripes (2 stripes per tire).


This kit includes:

- 8 sawblades (2 per tire)

- 4 Top Phrases / 4 Bottom Phrases

- Instructional Guide

- fleXement Adhesive


Please select the font,colour for your letters & Frost flares & enter your correct front & rear tyre sizes & Write down what you want for your top & bottom text.


CHOOSE YOUR OWN TEXTS (with sawblades)-(adhesive included)