Aftermarket White Walls for any tyre - Now Available! 

Create a white wall on any type of tire with this Tyre Stickers White Wall Kit.  Each kit includes 4 strips that can be customized in height to create either a thick white line or thin white line on the tire.  This white wall kit is available for cars, motorcycles, bikes, ATV's and more.  White walls in color are also available upon request.

This kit includes:

- (16) Strips (4 per tire), (4) Strips (1 per tire), or (4) Circles (no seams). The 'seam' product is finalized by joining the pieces as is necessary for proper conformity to the curvature of the sidewall and a perfect finish. The circle kit contains no seams but requires perfect installation to avoid excess / shortage of material at the end of the installation.

- Instructional Guide

- fleXement Adhesive (If Permanent is ordered)

Please select the type of Tire Sticker you want to purchase, wheel size, and white wall thickness (height).

PERMANENT WHITEWALLS (for all 4 tyres)

PriceFrom $329.00